Natural Wellness

Natural Wellness

Colloidal silver is a compound of tiny particles of elementary silver finely distributed in distilled water that remain suspended in it without melting.

We are talking about a precious element, because it is very useful for our health and that of our pets.

Colloidal silver is a natural therapeutic remedy, with regenerating properties for the skin and tissues as well as an effective antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.

Colloidal silver: brief historical notes

Already Greeks and Romans, they realized that those who used silver tools were less prone to diseases and infections. Obviously, only those belonging to the privileged classes could afford the precious metal, while all the others did not have the means to get it.

In the richest courts it happened that silver was used for practically everything: one drank in silver cups, ate with silver cutlery, the food itself was placed in silver containers, and often small quantities of this metal were also ingested.

In this way, the families living at court were much healthier, so much so as to develop a sort of immunity against infections.

For centuries, in almost all medical currents, there have been indications of the importance of silver and its compounds.

Since 1928, when penicillin was discovered, medicine has seen antibiotics as a miracle weapon against all bacteria.
With the enthusiastic adoption of this novelty, colloidal silver gradually ended up being forgotten.

We began to remember its beneficial properties only in the face of the development of increasingly resistant bacterial strains, impossible to defeat even with the most modern antibiotics.

The return of silver to medicine dates back to the early 1970s when Dr. Carl Moyer, president of the Washington Department of Surgery, received a contribution to develop treatments for burn victims and rediscovered the healing power of colloidal silver.

Curiosities about colloidal silver

The American aerospace agency, NASA, has researched 23 different methods for purifying water and has chosen a silver-based system for its space shuttles.

Not only NASA, but more than half of the world’s airlines use silver water filters to protect passengers from disease and dysentery.

Even the Russians in their space stations use silver filters in their water systems.

Silver is often used in swimming pools instead of chlorine.

Medical uses of silver include incorporating it into wound gauzes, creams, and as a germicidal coating in medical devices.

How does colloidal silver work?

Colloidal silver ionic is the only form of silver that has real efficacy.

It is absorbed slowly into the tissues so as not to cause irritation. Colloidal particles gradually spread through the blood, providing long-term therapeutic action.

Looks like I can:

  • inactivate the vital enzymes of microorganisms and destroy them
  • destroy the cell wall of bacteria
  • interact with the DNA of pathogens (bacteria) by blocking their replication and reproduction
  • Inactivates the vital enzymes of microorganisms and destroys them

For primitive life forms such as microorganisms, silver is as toxic as the most powerful chemical disinfectants.

Biomedical research has shown that no known organism that causes disease (bacteria, viruses and fungi) can live longer than a few minutes in the presence of a trace, albeit tiny, of metallic silver.

That’s why the intake of colloidal silver can fight many types of infections, whether used topically or systemically.

What are the benefits of colloidal silver for our animals?

The therapeutic indications for colloidal silver are many, it seems to be effective against more than 650 different pathogens, a record that no broad-spectrum antibiotic is able, to date, to overcome!

Colloidal silver is effective against parasites, infections and flu. It has an excellent antifungal activity. It is effective as an aid in digestion as it prevents the fermentation of food in the intestine.

It has many other properties:

  • helps to reduce inflammation and promotes the stimulation of regrowth of damaged tissues
  • is a remedy for infections, promoting healing
  • helps to strengthen the body’s natural defences
  • odourless and tasteless, does not irritate sensitive tissues

It is very important to note that, unlike traditional antibiotics, silver does not weaken the immune system but, on the contrary, strengthens it.

However, it is contraindicated in case of kidney failure or problems with this organ, so always ask your vet for advice if you decide to use it as a supplement for internal use.

How to use colloidal silver for your pet.

There are many colloidal silver products, some in cream, others in gel, others in liquid form. Every product, every formulation must be chosen and used according to the use you will have to make of it.

Personally I find the products of the brand Micromed very effective, I use them for my pugs for several years and always recommend them to my customers especially for the hygiene of their dog.

Some articles based on colloidal silver cannot be missing in your “cleaning and hygiene kit”. I’ll give you a list of my favourite products:

Colloidal silver ointment

This cream contains colloidal silver, calendula extract and cold-pressed vegetable oils that stabilize the barrier function on the skin and prevent it from drying out.

Natural vitamin E and provitamin B5 help regenerate the skin.

Skin cared for with silver cream becomes soft, elastic and resistant to external factors.

This cream with colloidal silver can help in healing from general wounds, itching, insect bites, burns, furuncles, fungal skin diseases, eczema.

Micromed’s colloidal silver cream is never missing from my pug-saving kit! It is useful for small irritations of the skin but also in the ears and especially in the wrinkle of the nose.

It has been very helpful during the healing process of dermatitis of my Lisa.

Ear cleaning solution

Your dog’s ears also need to be cared for: they need to be inspected often and cleaned as needed.

For some years now, I have been using this solution with colloidal silver that has a very liquid formulation that allows you to dissolve the earwax, not greasy and disinfects the ear internally.

If your dog has a very dark earwax or is suffering from malaxia, the most suitable product is Micromed’s Clusan which also contains squalene which helps in dissolving the very persistent earwax.

Warning: do not over-clean your ears, do so only when wax is present or when the ear is parasitized.