Electric Scooters Service

Electric Scooters Service


Indigo Weel, which launched its fleet of self-service bicycles in Toulouse in May 2018 and is present in 7 cities in France, is already preparing to deploy its new vehicles. With the official launch of the self-service electric scooter service around November 15 in Toulouse. At the Autonomy urban mobility exhibition, which opened on Thursday 18 October in Paris, the company presented its new mobility solutions at La Dépêche du Midi: electric scooters, electric bicycles, scooters and electric cars.

Launch of the electric scooter

Some thirty self-service electric scooters are already deployed in the streets of Toulouse. The system has been under test since the summer of 2018. It is expected to be operational for all Toulouse residents around 15 November, announces Jean Gadrat, CEO of Indigo Weel. “Feedback is positive. A hundred scooters will be deployed initially, and in the long term, the potential is 500 scooters in Toulouse”.

During 2019, Indigo Weel will also introduce improvements to its bicycle, of which 2000 units are already deployed in the streets of Toulouse. In particular, its anti-theft system will be reviewed to prevent damage to its fleet.

The same batteries for scooters, bicycles and cars

From 2019, in coordination with Toulouse City Hall, the company will also offer electric bicycles, electric scooters and electric cars. These three mobility solutions will be usable with the same type of batteries. “These batteries will be exchangeable in vending machines that will be placed at several key points in the city centre, including Indigo car parks,” says Jean Gadrat. We are in discussion with the authorities. Toulouse is a dynamic city, focused on mobility solutions,” explains the manager.

3 euros for the 20 minutes of scooter

Indigo Weel electric scooters have a power equivalent to a 50 cc, with a speed limit of 50 km/h. They are silent and do not emit any polluting gases. They are designed to accommodate a driver and passenger, with two helmets available. In the “trunk” of the scooter are the helmets, hygiene charlottes, vehicle papers and a yellow vest.

Insurance and vehicle breakdown assistance are included in the rental price. In its launch phase, the service will cost 3 euros for 20 minutes of use, then 1 euro for each additional 10 minutes of use.

To rent an Indigo Weel scooter, you must be at least 18 years old, have a valid French driver’s license and a valid French identity document.

Access will be provided, as for bicycles, via the Indigo Weel application. It allows you to find an available scooter around you. At the end of the journey, the user parks the scooter in one of the areas indicated on the application.

Electric cars: two seats and a 12.3-inch multifunction display
“In the second half of 2019”, Indigo Weel is also expected to deploy its self-service electric car. It will allow longer journeys to be made from the city centre to the first or even second ring road of the conurbation. This small two-seater city car was designed by the Chinese start-up Che He Jia. Its launch model is limited to 50 km/h, but can be adapted to go up to 90 km/h and drive on the ring road. You will need a driver’s license to borrow it.

Its batteries, identical to those used on bicycles, scooters and scooters, are developed and produced by Forsee, a French SME. The car will have a range “that will cover daily needs”, says Indigo Weel. Inside the car, a 12.3-inch multifunction display will allow you to navigate using a GPS. It will include air conditioning and a back-up camera. The rental rates are not yet known.

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