Air Quality Indoor Testing

Air Quality Indoor Testing


Testing the air in your home was once seen as an “extra step” for very cautious people, for people with illnesses or used when there was an obvious reason for poor air quality at home (weather damage, etc.). But recently, more and more people realize that many of the less obvious pollutants lurking in most homes and offices – and these pollutants such as chemical residues, bacteria, mould spores, dust mites, etc. are increasingly associated with various health problems, fatigue syndromes and other ailments.

Why now more than ever? As we grow older, our bodies and immune system are less and less able to fight germs. Over time, our bodies also become more reactive, so that less specific pollution requires us to “notice” it. The more sensitive we are and the more ailments we have, the more important it is to make sure that it is not indoor air that causes problems – before someone diagnoses something that may or may not be accurate, which may lead to treatment, visits to the doctor, medicines and expenses that could have been prevented….. A simple set to test indoor air, a laser particle counter or perhaps a high quality air purification system.

You want to carefully select air quality test kits and generally, a more comprehensive test kit is better than a specific one because a wider test kit will identify many other types of organisms or contaminants that may be present instead of relying on negative results for mold, for example, when VOCs were present and causing a problem, etc. The test kit can be used to determine whether the VOCs were present and causing a problem. Similarly, you can use a manual air monitor to determine whether particles or dust escaping from the ventilation openings or whether the air purification device does its job, which is very important.

But if you still have allergic reactions or asthma or dealing with chronic fatigue, for example, and you know that you have very few particles in the air, then very well it may be a chemical of some kind in the air or something else that a comprehensive test kit can identify for you. Using air test kits simply cuts out the guesswork so that you can get results and don’t waste time or money. You also want to make sure that your pneumatic test kit is delivered with fast laboratory results from an accredited laboratory. This is very important for accuracy.

So do yourself and your health a favour and test the air in your home and office with the air quality test kit at home at least once a year and certainly if you have any weather damage, leaks, etc…. This way you can have peace of mind and know that air is not a problem – or you can identify what causes headaches, chronic fatigue or even makes you feel older than you really are. Then, if there are pollutants, definitely consider purifying the air with a high quality air purification system so that you can live and feel best every day – and spend much less time and money in the doctor’s office.

Indoor air quality can affect you and how using air quality testing atlanta can make a huge difference, allowing you to identify and then remove the contaminants that are causing the problems.


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