The question of social dominance, social hierarchy and the alpha position of an individual in a group has recently created many debates and controversies.

For many, there is no such dominance and the alpha male does not exist. According to their arguments, what really happens is that family members are the ones who voluntarily show submissive postures to the dominant, in order to avoid conflicts. Therefore, the hierarchy in an animal social group is non-existent.

I do not agree, nor do I share these ideas. Because the one I want to write about is the leader of the human herd, his alpha male, the dominant, tyrannical, ignorant, unjust, emotionally unbalanced, envious and with inferiority complexes: the alpha male that I meet one out of every three times that I am going to treat a dog with supposed behavioral problems.

I’m talking about the unjust human alpha male who is terribly annoyed that another human male comes to his territory and sees that his dog pays more attention to him than to him, the male who does not want or need a trainer, and says that his dog is controlled, which are his wife’s things.

I’m talking about the human alpha male who tells his partner to take care of the dog, that if he wants his dog does not have behavioral problems call her to an educator, because he does not have any problem.

I’m talking about the rude and cowardly alpha male human full of insecurities that neither greets when he comes home to see me working with his dog and hides.

I’m talking about the ignorant alpha male who, when he sees that his dog improves his behavior, only with patience and learning to communicate with him, decides to leave the training.

I’m talking about the alpha male with inferiority complexes who can’t stand someone else getting what he’s never gotten: his dog loving him.

There are no arguments in that matter. The human alpha male will say that this is unnatural, that his dog is not castrated by anyone. Generally, when they give their opinions on the subject, which only last a few seconds, I can see their genitals being touched. I suppose to see if they are still there, lest a damn dog trainer has very quickly removed them.

Lately I’ve come across several cases of this kind, even unimaginably worse, and that’s why I want to write it down. I’ve seen cases of psychological mistreatment of the dog by the alpha male that I believe and I’m concerned that they might be diverted to the rest of the family.

One of the premises for dealing with any dog behavior is that all family members are present during the first visit to assess the problem, and also in subsequent treatment or training sessions. However, it is almost always the woman who contacts me to request my services and the husband, if he appears at any time, does so sporadically, grunting or clumsily trying to get the dog to approach him in order to demonstrate his dominance.

During the 21 years of my profession, I can assure you that many dog training and behavioral treatments have failed because of the intervention of the human alpha male in the training. And that hurts. Because I know that you could solve your dog’s problems, so that he can be happier, so that he can live together in peace. But the alpha male is not interested in that. The alpha male wants to be in control.

Psychology defines dominance as a need to be important, to influence and manage the environment. Dogs and wolves are hierarchical animals. Among them there is dominance and submission, but they are fair, intelligent, emotionally balanced, have no inferiority complexes and are not envious.

Dogs do not need to use force to demonstrate their leadership and all behaviors within the herd are aimed at avoiding any confrontation and achieving a good coexistence. The human alpha male believes only in violence to dominate the subordinate.

The human alpha males that I have described have that need to feel important, but they never will be, they will want to influence and handle others as they please and maybe they will succeed, but they will never get an animal as noble and intelligent as a dog to respect or love them.


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