What are the main symptoms that our dog experiences when there are temperature changes? Should we be concerned about these effects on the body of our dog? Learn in detail how the prolonged time change affects dogs.

Whenever we welcome one season of the year and leave behind another, temperature changes, even if they take time to arrive, are an inevitable fact. For humans, these changes in time brought about by the new time of year affect us to a greater or lesser extent.


The arrival of autumn, winter, spring and summer causes changes in the organism of our dog that translates into various variations both body and behavior.

Although many of the symptoms shown in this section may be related to various pathologist, the truth is that changes in temperature can cause all these effects on the dog’s body:

Mood changes

These variations in mood are usually always negative and occur when we enter the seasons of the year that concentrate fewer hours of sunlight.

Just like humans, dogs can suffer the so-called Seasonal Affect Syndrome, which is produced by the increase in daily darkness.

Autumn and winter are the seasons that cause this syndrome that completely changes the canine mood. This modification of the animal’s self-esteem can bring with it well-known symptoms such as excessive tiredness of the dog, loss of appetite and the appearance of the much feared anxiety.

Appearance of allergies

Prolonged time changes in dogs increase the appearance of skin allergies. The excessive humidity faced by dogs in the winter and spring months, cause a dryness in certain areas of their body that leads to dermatitis.

Itching and skin irritation are the most obvious symptoms of the dermatitis referred to in this section. Here you will be able to check the types of dermatitis your dog may suffer.

On the other hand, the large amount of moisture to which we referred can not only involve skin irritation, it can also cause the appearance of fungi and bacteria in it.

Increase in parasites and other insects

Seasonal and weather changes also allow certain insects to cross into the lives of our pets. Spring and summer are the preferred times for parasites such as ticks or fleas to lodge in the bodies of these animals.

In order to prevent these unwanted guests from installing themselves on the skin and coat of our dog, the cleaning of the animal must be thorough and the use of de-worming products throughout the year -as these insects have evolved and can survive the coldest months of the year.


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