Dental diseases and problems in dogs

Dental diseases and problems in dogs


Dental diseases in dogs are very common problems that affect our pets, being the best tool to prevent the appearance of them an adequate prevention through good dental hygiene.

Dental problems in dogs: tartar, bad breath and infections

In dogs after the chewing of food can remain remains which accumulate in the gums, and when combined with saliva forms a layer that sticks to the base of the teeth. Tartar is the calcification of this layer due to saliva and bacteria in the mouth, which are commonly known as dental plaque. This tartar tends to accumulate in the space between the tooth and gum, gradually penetrating the dental root and may affect the bone that supports the teeth. Periodontists occurs when the infection, which at the beginning is located at the junction of the tooth and gum, expands to the ligaments and bone. When the support or base that sustains the tooth is lost, it can even lead to the loss of the tooth.

Other dental problems in dogs can be inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, which causes them great pain and dogs often reject the food offered and refuse to eat.

Canine Dental Health and Prevention

Small breed dogs are more prone to plaque development and tartar production, leading to inflammation of the gums and bad breath (halitosis).

In the case of puppies, we can also find baby teeth that are retained and do not allow the proper eruption of permanent teeth. This causes the jaw to become deformed as the upper and lower teeth do not fit correctly, so recognition and immediate action are of vital importance to prevent further damage.

Dental snacks for dogs

Other symptoms that may make us suspect in the presence of dental problems in dogs, are some changes that we can observe in our pet as, the dog stops eating, has weight loss or has bad breath (halitosis). It is therefore recommended to make frequent visits to your vet for an oral check-up, as well as to use specific products for dental cleaning, such as the so-called “Dental Stick”, which are foods specifically designed to exert this effect.

This type of food is a delicious prize that when chewed, thanks to its active ingredients and the physical effect achieved by its shape and texture, help to control the formation of plaque and tartar and provide a fresh breath. It is an ideal and simple way to prevent dental problems in dogs.


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