Caring for a cat with hepatitis

Caring for a cat with hepatitis


Diet is especially important in a cat with hepatitis, and has to be low in fat.

Animals can suffer from different diseases, similar to those of humans. And one of the ‘common’ pathologist we have with our pets affects the liver. In this article we will tell you how to care for a cat with hepatitis so that she can get through this situation in the best possible way.

Cat with hepatitis?

As a first step it would be good to explain how hepatitis develops in cats. Without going into too much detail, you should know that this disease is an inflammation of the liver that has different causes, among them:

The professional will carry out a general check-up and take your blood to determine the diagnosis. The treatment that the veterinarian indicates will go hand in hand with the care that the owner offers to the animal.

How to care for a cat with hepatitis

If the situation is serious, the vet will recommend that the cat stay at least a few hours in the hospital, where they will be compensated and hydrated. When he starts to feel a little better – it doesn’t mean he’s cured of hepatitis yet – he’ll give him permission to return home.

That’s where owners need to be committed and pay close attention to what the animal needs. You don’t have to stay by the pet’s side all day, but you do have to offer him everything he might need in our absence.

Feeding a cat with hepatitis is the biggest ‘problem’, because due to the disease she doesn’t want to eat anything, not even drink water. It is essential to be patient, but at the same time insistent that the pet ingest something.

You can try some moist, soft feed – those that come in envelopes or cans – or even home-cooked food that the vet has approved, such as tuna, cheese, yogurt, etc. Try a small piece of roasted chicken, as it will surely whet your appetite.

The objective as owner is that he eats, even if you have to stay half an hour in front of him with a spoon in your hand. Keep in mind that, as his liver is sick, the food allowed should be any food that is low in fat.

If the veterinarian authorizes it, you can also give him certain medicinal herbs, which will stimulate the appetite of the cat with hepatitis. What are they? Boldo, alcachoda, dandelion, alfalfa and turmeric.

Some animal owners opt for alternative treatments such as Bach flowers. Medications are natural herbal and may include sweet chestnut, willow, honeysuckle or wild apple. Another alternative is homeopathy; you can consult a pet specialist.

On the other hand, rest is one of the best inducements for a cat with hepatitis (or any other considerable disease). Therefore, we must offer you the best conditions at home: a comfortable bed, a coat, a quiet place to rest, etc.


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