Behavioral problems and abandonment of dogs and cats

Behavioral problems and abandonment of dogs and cats


In this post we will talk about the main behavioral problems of dogs and cats, related to abandonment. We know that a large proportion of these animals are rejected because their owners have not been able to modify certain unwanted behaviors, perhaps due to negligence or lack of information. Fortunately, these conflicts can be solved with education, training and will. Next we explain you some keys to obtain that the harmony reigns in our relation with dogs and felines.

Listing and delimiting behavior problems is a difficult task, since they are very varied and complex. In addition, it must be borne in mind that each dog and cat is a world, as well as each owner. Therefore, there are no magic recipes to resolve these conflicts. In order not to die in the attempt and to be successful in correcting the behavior of our animals, it is essential to be clear that any procedure must be based on a correct diagnosis and later on an elaborated treatment, such as a tailor-made suit, which adapts to each particular case.

For this trip, you will need saddlebags:

The valuable help of professionals: people specialized in animal behavior, such as canine or feline ethologists, educators or trainers.

The experts will open your eyes: so that you understand that many of the supposed problems that torment you, in fact are not so much. They will teach you to analyze your animal’s behavior from a different perspective than the one you have as the person you are. What may be wrong for you, such as running or jumping, for your dog or cat can simply be fun.

If you don’t know any of them: ask relatives or friends who have had a similar experience and know one of these professionals, who have helped them with the problem, in a satisfactory way. You can also consult your vet, who may be able to recommend a specialist you trust.

Look for the key: it’s in really knowing the needs of our dog or cat. We have a responsibility to help them in this complex task of adapting to our particular environment, which in many cases, and naturally, does not coincide with theirs.

Three frequent problems

Aggressiveness: this is the number one behavior problem that requires the help of an expert to solve them because, when you reach these extremes, the owner usually feels unable to control the situation. It is best to consult with an ethologist or expert in canine or feline education, to determine the causes of aggressiveness and propose the most appropriate treatment.

Separation Anxiety (SDA): this is another behavioral disturbance that usually puts more than one person on edge. If you see your dog biting on the sofa and everything in his reach, when you leave him alone, the most likely is that he has been overprotected or has had some traumatic experience that has marked him. In any case, the good news is that with appropriate guidelines and a little patience, your dog will learn to be alone, without having to be overwhelmed. However, to speed up this process, there is nothing better than putting yourself in the hands of an educator or ethologist.

Inadequate elimination: also called “hygienic behavior”, it is another battle horse with which many people have to deal with a dog or cat that, for one reason or another decide to urinate and defecate out of pots. If it is a puppy, it can be considered normal and it is convenient to educate it according to its age and characteristics. When the animal is adult, it is already flour of another coastal, and the best thing will be to consult it with an expert so that it analyzes the causes of the problem and orient us on the most suitable methodology to redirect the habit of the animal.

It is better to prevent..

The problematic behaviors are the whiting or, better said, the dog or cat that bites its tail. On the one hand, they are one of the fundamental causes of abandonment and, at the same time, abandoned animals are prone to present certain behavioral problems.

If you want to know how to prevent your dog or cat from developing a behavioral disorder, read the following advice carefully:

Dog or cat suitable for the home: it is essential to be very well informed about the characteristics of the appropriate dog or feline, and opt for those whose size and temperament are more suited to the people with whom it will live. In this sense, the advice of a specialist to ensure success in compatibility is not superfluous. In addition, it will guide us on the educational guidelines that we must follow to avoid future behavior problems.


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